Gel Nails

If you are looking for Calgel in Cambridgeshire, look no further.

Calgel is an organic, vegan gel product which is kind to the natural nail. If you want added strength then Calgel are for you, they are the natural alternative to acrylic. 

Available in clear, French or a range of vibrant and subtle colours, it doesn't chip therefore the colour lasts for weeks! It is self leveling which improves any flaws or ridges on the nail, resulting in a smooth and shiny surface.

Calgel offers a wide variety of permanent colours, so great for toes as it lasts for much longer than nail varnish and without any chipping or peeling. Calgel isn't damaging at all, infact it protects the nails and assists them in growing healthy and strong.

Calgel is a 'soak off' gel, therefore easily removed without any damage to the natural nail (unlike those awful 'buff off' gels!)

Clear Gel Overlays
To strengthen and protect. A self-leveling product that improves the appearance of the nail surface.
Perfect for disguising unwanted ridges!

Coloured Gel Overlays A variety of colours available
Also great for toes!

(Tips are an extra £10)

Gel Infills Must be within 2-3 weeks (4 weeks for toes)
£19 - Clear
£30 - Colour

Permanent French Gel
A non-chip natural look

Calgel Removals
Safe removal of Calgel, without damage to natural nails
Free if having a new set or change of colour

Rhinestones, Chrome, or Flakes
Bling that is set within the gel, therefore cannot become loose

So if you are looking for a Nail Technician with over 20+ years experience within the industry, who will give you the most natural looking gel nails in the area, contact Ashley May here to book an appointment 

For many years I offered Acrylic nails, which back in the day were all the rage. Now that lots of nail shops have popped up and are offering quick and cheap acrylics, people tend to choose the use of drills for convenience, without considering the damage that is going on underneath. I refuse to compete with them on price, even though the final result of my acrylics are no comparison, as I did everything by hand in a meticulous fashion with care and attention.

I more got fed up with the fumes, chemicals and dust of acrylic to be honest, which is why I ditched doing them altogether and now focus on Calgel overlays which are much kinder and quicker.

you may also notice that I no longer offer nail varnish, which is old hat these days. Gel has taken over. Gone are the days when you have to wait hours for your polish to dry!

I can however combine a manicure or pedicure treatment with a Calgel finish, if it is pampering and relaxation that you would like also. Please enquire.

I still have my Creative acrylic equipment and my SpaRitual nail enamels, I just prefer not to use them.

As a Mobile Beauty Therapist I can cover the following areas with my Beauty & Holistic Therapy services: 
Calgel Gel Overlays For Nails are available in; 
Abington, Balsham, Barbraham, Brinkley, Burrough Green, Cambridge, Carlton, Dullingham, Fulbourn, Linton, Six Mile Bottom, Westley Waterless, Weston Colville, West Wickham, West Wratting, The Wilbrahams, And others. please enquire.