'Win Win' Gift Idea

Give your loved one a unique gift of not only 'receiving' a back massage in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, but also tuition and professional guidance on how to 'perform' a massage too (Yes, that does mean ON YOU!!!).
So you will both receive and learn how to do a massage on each other, gaining the knowledge and experience, along with instructions with diagrams to continue pampering each other many times over in the future.

(Gift Vouchers can be purchased and sent to you via email, to print and put inside the lucky recipients card)

That certainly is a WIN WIN gift in my book!

I offer Private Massage Tuition, for couples wishing to learn for their own enjoyment. I offer this service locally in peoples homes, for their convenience.

I am a qualified Teacher and have been a qualified Masseuse for over 20 years. I teach beauty therapy in colleges and private beauty schools, where students achieve a recognised qualification.

I give private massage tuition to couples using the same teaching methods and standards required for formal certification. The fees are £60 per hour, with a minimum of two hours per session. This is excellent value considering that the cost for a 60 minute body massage is £60, without tuition.

The first two hour session I would begin with teaching the back massage routine; the first hour would be straight in with the practical, followed by husband and wife changing over to repeat the first hour. So basically, you would both learn the back massage routine and both experience this being done, as it is valuable when learning to 'feel' how the moves are performed.

If you did decide to continue with further sessions, I would then teach you both other areas of the body, such as arms, legs, chest, abdomen and head, whilst recapping the back massage routine. So in effect, you would eventually be performing the treatment to the standard of a qualified masseuse/masseur.

I provide the massage couch and massage oil. I also include the written massage routine, to practise with in between lessons, also any course notes relevant to body massage (eg: reasons not to treat, aftercare advice, anatomy and physiology, etc). This can be used to study the theory side in your own time as the time spent with me is practical/hands on only.

This can be just a one off treat for your partner and yourself, or if you really enjoyed it and wanted to progress to a full qualification, you will have the skills and underpinning knowledge to achieve this. I will teach you to the same standards that I teach my NVQ level 3 students.

This would make an ideal, Valentines, Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, or even Wedding present.

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