Price Increase

There has been a 10% price increase
on all of my beauty treatments.

Offer Ends February 29th

Time to Get Glam! 

Complete Your Outfit with Glamourous
Matching Hands and Toes 
Special Offer on Calgel Overlays

Here are 10 reasons why you should call me to do your nails...

1) You save time and money on fuel and parking as I do the traveling.
2) There are no delays or having to wait in a queue for 'your turn'.
3) You can stay in the warm (or cool!) and wait for me to arrive.
4) I use the best Gel product on the market, which means no fumes.
5) As I don't use drills or harsh chemicals, there is no need to wear a face mask.
6) As there is no need to wear a face mask, we can have a civil (un-muffled) conversation!
7) I am a 'Mind Coach' and happy to give free and helpful advice (if you want it).
8) I take pride in my work, so it is never rushed, or like a conveyor belt.
9) My treatments are completely pain free (and so they should be for that matter!)
10) I have over 20 years experience in the beauty industry.
11) I teach Beauty Therapy and Nail courses, so I know my stuff!
12) I can mix bespoke gel colours to match any outfit.
13) Calgel can be 'in-filled' every 3 weeks, so you never have to be without nails.
14) I offer a free 'soak off' with every new set, or a change of colour.
15) Plus I'm a nice person and good at what I do!

Hang on a minute, that's 15 reasons! Then what are you waiting for!

Special offer on Calgel coloured overlays, which includes me coming to you so you have them done in the comfort of your own home.

Calgel lasts 2-3 weeks and can be regularly maintained, or easily removed with acetone. 
On toes it will last twice as long as the growth rate is slower.

I stock a wide range of colours, whether you prefer bright, bold, or natural. I can also mix bespoke colours to match your party dress. Calgel will strengthen and protect your nails, allowing them to grow naturally without breaking.

Calgel is an organic product and does not damage your natural nails. It doesn't chip and unlike nail varnish, there is no drying time, as the gel is cured in a UV lamp within minutes, so no chance of smudging it. You can simply put your party shoes straight on!

Special Offer Ends February 29th
Hands AND Toes
Only £70!

See HERE for Calgel prices.

Call Ashley May now on 07873 188 784, or contact me via website to book your appointment.

Please enquire whether your area is included.