Unique 'After Hours' Service

One of my most successful beauty therapy services that I am able to offer, is my 'after hours' home visits. This enables Professional ladies with limited time to keep up with their beauty treatments, as not everyone likes to spend their day off at the beauty salon. This is also great for busy Mums as they can indulge in relaxing treatments at home when the children are in bed and still be within earshot.

As well as waxing and eye treatments which are considered as essential, the relaxing massages and luxurious facials have been a big hit whilst providing this service in the Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire regions. Clients have enjoyed being able to unwind in a familiar and comfortable environment and relieve the stresses at the end of the day.

Physical and mental pressures of everyday life can inhibit a healthy lifestyle, therefore it is really important to find some time each day to completely recharge yourself and take a step back from the daily demands that we all encounter. Replenishing yourself physically not only improves your appearance, it also enhances your mental well being. Everybody needs pampering! 

"...I have been receiving a variety of treatments from Ashley, mainly in the evenings when everything is done and before I go to bed. I always thought that my previous massages were relaxing but nothing beats being able to have them at home at a time that suits me. Not having to get dressed and drive home in the cold is wonderful as I found that I was losing some of the benefits of the treatment that I had just had. With Ashley's treatments, I am now able to appreciate the pampering long after it is over..."
Felicity, Hertfordshire.

My 'after hours' service is from 6pm Monday to Friday, all weekend and bank holidays. All after hours treatments are charged at an additional 25%. For a full list of treatments available, please see the navigation bar on the right.