Mind Reform

What is Mind-Coaching?

Your outside world is created from your own unique perceptions, therefore MIND-SET is everything. If we can create a happier, more fulfilling existence by simply changing our thought patterns, it would be absurd not to, would it not?
I have spent the past ten years discovering tools that help change peoples perceptions into positive ones, which are more helpful.
Almost anything is possible with the right mind-set and belief. By changing a belief it consequently changes everything.
Everything is a choice; you can choose to seek the negatives in situation, or you can choose to take the learnings and make it positive. Problems are created when unresolved negative emotions get involved. Take away the negative emotion and it's not a problem anymore, just a situation.
I have lots of different techniques that work in various different ways that will get you a better life. It is simply a matter of changing your thinking. YOU are the creator of your future!

Have you ever been Hypnotised?

Do you watch TV? Well in that case, yes you have been hypnotised.

Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon of the mind and body connection. Therefore hypnosis requires the active participation of both conscious and unconscious processes. The hypnotic state, also called trance, is simply a state similar to that experienced just before going to sleep at night, or just before awakening in the morning, or even when engrossed in conversation, or watching a film. When using hypnosis, you must remain awake. You can fall asleep, but then we no longer call it hypnosis, but sleeping.

What makes hypnosis different from the normal awake state? In the hypnotic state, or trance state, the critical faculty is switched off, this means that you cannot distinguish the difference between reality and fantasy. During this time a person is highly suggestible. This is the time when suggestions will be accepted uncritically
So hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation of the mind and body. Hypnosis requires rapport, trust and following positive suggestions, to create the results you want.

It would be a mistake for everyone to expect tingling in the body, a floating feeling, mistaking a raw onion for an apple, or sinking into a deep hypnotic trance. Each individual's experience is unique. A person can respond fully to hypnotic and post-hypnotic suggestions without experiencing any of these sensations.